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Inspirational Speaker & Navajo Storyteller
Rose W. Johnson-Tsosie
30 Years of Storytelling

Born on the Navajo Indian Reservation in 1950, Rose W. Johnson-Tsosie and her twin sister were adopted and raised in northern Utah by the Johnson family. She returned to Arizona 33 years later to serve as a missionary where she was miraculously reunited with her birth mother and 14 siblings. Her life experiences are being told through award-winning stories that are heart-warming, humorous and inspirational. Her latest book, "Finding Helen: A Navajo Miracle" tells of her Navajo mother and the painful mistake she made at the age of 13; her adopted "white" family; and the miracle of how Rose was able to reunite with her natural family. This book is scheduled to be published in early summer 2008. Rose has also been recognized in several books, "Surviving Two Worlds," and "Reuniting with Beauty." Numerous magazine and newspaper articles have written her story.

Rose is actively involved in Utah Storytelling Guild as a storyteller and workshop leader. In her CD, she shares many years of storytelling experience. Her true Christmas story, "Do Angels Live Here?" was published in the Desert Newspaper, Church News.

Ms. Johnson-Tsosie has been an active member and leader of Toastmaster's International for over 18 years. She received her second Distinguished Toastmaster Awards (DTM) in 2006 which is the highest award in Toastmasters. Rose also received the Toastmaster's Hall of Fame; Giant of the District, and Presidential Citation Award. She has presented at the Toastmaster Region level numerous times and recently presented at the Toastmaster International Convention in Phoenix, Arizona.

Rose is now legally blind due to glaucoma complications from Type II Diabetes. After six surgeries, she is an advocate for Diabetes awareness and recently appeared in a TV commercial for UCARE.

Today Rose is a part-time service missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Family History Library and guest workshop presenter at various genealogy conferences throughout Utah. She is also a trainer on researching American Indian genealogy and story writing for both her church and independent groups.

Bring a new spirit of excellence to your meeting or conference by having Rose Johnson-Tsosie as your next keynote speaker or workshop presenter.

"I really enjoyed the workshop and very impressed with you. I loved your professionalism as a storyteller… You invited us to worlds to remember and challenged us to see our own. Thanks!" -- Kevin Cordi, Professional Storyteller & National Storyteller Consultant