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There often comes a time in a person’s life, where one feels led to write a book or compose a story; a memoir, something tangibly written to be passed on.

Others are born with a life that day-by-day unfolds in such a way, that life itself is saying "write this down, learn and share with the world." The latter has undeniably been the path for Rose Johnson-Tsosie.

Prematurely born as a twin in 1950, to a thirteen year old Navajo girl named Helen, Rose's first breath taken on this earth was a battle.

Unable to speak English, with the mark of an "X" and a thumbprint, Helen unknowingly gave up her parental rights. Young and naive, Helen thought the small Hopi hospital was asking for her permission to leave the twins in their care until they were able to go home. When she returned to pick up her babies, she was devastated to find they had already been placed out for adoption.

As fate would have it, Rose and her sister were adopted by a loving family, who raised their little Navajo girls with lots of love and nurturing.

Years later, as an adult, Rose was sent as a missionary to the very reservation where her mother lived. Eventually reunited with her birth family, she was blessed to learn the Navajo way and traditions.

Finding Helen - A Navajo Miracle is so much more than an adoption story. It is a story of hope, of faith--of redemption. It is a story that crosses many human boundaries. It is the true life story of a Navajo girl who gave birth to premature twins. Though born into a heart-wrenching situation which resulted in adoption, the journey home is a circle of love--with a miracle at its center.

Join Rose as she retraces the journey back to her mother and the Navajo Way.

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